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By using any services (including but not limited to consultation, information, domain services, agreement or contracts, management service, strategic advice, web site construction, design, tables, software, system, CDROM production, any email or portable document formats, images, illustration, hereinafter also referred to as service / Service) provided by Pearlview Network Inc., its authorized representation or employees (hereinafter also referred to as service provider / Service Provider) via any means, you / user / client (including but not limited to its officers, employees, representatives, branches, subsidiaries, successors, hereinafter referred to as client / Client) expressively agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement and service provider's policies, which exist now or in the future may be published at service provider's website :

Before proceeding any further, service provider's legal notice should be fully read, understood & agreed. All contents, material, know-how are property of Pearlview Network's; no application or duplication whatsoever is allowed unless explicitly permitted by service provider. Any Legal enquiries should be delivered in writing to the following mailing contacts :

To: Pearlview Network Inc. c/o Administration Department
141-6200 McKay Ave. Suite 888, Bby, B.C. V5H4M9 CA
PMB500 1225 E. Sunset Dr., Bellingham, WA 98226 USA

Contact designated Support channels or distributor in your country for more information.