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Pearlview Network provides web-enabled services for regional business, international brands, & a wide variety of industries. Backed by solid professional research & development background, Pearlview also provides tech support for other fellow Internet Service Providers. Pearlview pioneers in CMS / Content Management technology, & was among the first to introduce CMS to the Asian market.

Pearlview's primary services : Web implementation, Server resources, Strategic consultation.

Strategic Consultation : with over a decade's experience, our Consulting Division offers the following

  • Strategic Consultation for Clients & Partners' needs on trademark, intellectual rights protection, foreign company establishments, domain specific acts, as well as websites launch, regional branch office setup, & market strategy advisory.

Server Resources / Virtual Hosting : many Virtual Hosting packages to choose from

  • Server for virtual hosting colocated through 20,000 sq.ft. 24/7 Datacenter with 11 backbone bandwidth providers; securely monitored via Bayern Germany, Dallas US, California US, Atlanta & NJ US, Sydney Australia

CMS & Websites implementation : (Content Management System / static / dynamic-websites)

  • static-websites : websites written by HTML / CSS / Flash-animation, without dynamic functions.
  • dynamic-websites : sites with dynamic systems for online ordering, member management, E-commerce, etc.
  • CMS (Content Management System) : CMS enables clients' employees with minimum technical training, to be able to update text / image contents of website by themselves instantly.

Visual Design : solid HTML / CSS written webpages, combined with digital designs & Flash animations.

  • Website design, online promotional campaign, product & service launch.

To date, Pearlview has accumulated service experiences in North, Central & South America, Asia, Europe, Middle-East, & Africa.   >> Additional info will be provided upon request.